Plans for 2015

I will keep this short and sweet. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to do on this site in 2014 so I am hoping to do more with it in 2015. With that being said, my day job and personal life took the majority of my time. Here is what I already have on the agenda for 2015:

  • Finish my series on Gulp - I got the first two entries completed but didn't get the last one/two done. I might need to go back and update the first two with some of the other things I have learned since then as well...
  • Document my Tile library - One of my projects I have been working on is a javascript Tile prototype. It has no external dependencies and works across all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 8+. It creates Tiles very similar to Microsofts. I also used very few classes and use data attributes for styling. Pretty cool. I also need to add this to GitHub.
  • Document my jQuery plugins - Add my existing jQuery plugins and document them here as well. I only have a couple that are "complete" so this shouldn't be too difficult. Also make sure these are added to GitHub.
  • Add my jQuery presentations - I have completed one jQuery presentation for my work and am in the process of planning another. I will post those presentations here. They use a small javascript library I wrote specifically for the presentations. It's hard being the only front-end guy on a team of 20+ (almost all C# peeps here).
  • Post some Sharepoint javascript code - I have written a number micro-libraries to use in Sharepoint 2013. For instance, I created a simple javascript library for performing CRUD operations on Sharepoint List Items. It is much simpler than Microsofts CSOM library.

I am sure there is some things I am forgeting but that should work for now.
I hope everyone has an outstanding 2015!